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For those wanting fuller looking brows.

Microblading places pigment into the upper dermis layer of the skin for a semi-permanent hair stoke effect. This is the most natural looking PMU service and is ideal for those who have some hair but want a fuller look or a better shape to their brows. Microblading can help balance the face by making your eyebrows more symmetrical and accentuating and framing your natural beauty! 

Best Candidates:

- Normal-Dry Skin type

- Someone looking for extra fullness and/or better shaping on already existing brows

- NOT ideal for oily skin or extremely thin brows




For those seeking a sun-kissed look 

Semi-permanent freckles are a fun way to get a beautiful sun kissed look. They will last about 1 year and gradually fade away, so no big commitment here! You may choose as little or as many as you would like for the price. You also will be able to choose where on the face you would like them (usually they are placed around the nose/cheek area). Multiple colors and sizes are used to create a very natural look. You'll never be able to tell them from real freckles!

One touch-up is sometimes needed to either touch-up the ones you've had done or add more. This first touch-up is free if done within 3 months of the first service.



Brow Lamination

For full brows

Lamination works to break bonds in you eyebrow hair and forces unruly brows in a better direction to create the appearance of more fullness. Your brows will then easily stay in the right direction and curly hair become straight! It will make even those with thinner hair look like they have fuller eyebrows! Lamination service also comes with a brow tint and a wax clean-up if needed! The result can last up to 6 weeks.  

Best Candidates:

- Medium to full brows

- Unruly hair or curly brow hair

- Not the best for severely thin brows




For those wanting fuller looking brows.

MicroShading is a combination of two different techniques. You still get the natural hair-stroke look of microblading, but a light shadow of pigment is added in-between the strokes for the appearance of extra fullness. This method is typically used if you have very sparse hair in some areas of your brow (like the tail). The shading can be done very light, so that it is barely a shadow, or more intensely if you like a defined/ombre look. You can talk with your technician about what will be best for your desired results. 

Best Candidates:

- Normal, Dry or Combo Skin type

- Someone starting with thinner brows, or hair growth that is patchy/completely missing in some areas

- Brows that need a new shape.




Remove your unwanted PMU

Get old tattoos or permanent makeup removed with Saline! Saline works to remove pigment placed under the skin through the body's natural healing process. It works on old eyebrows tattoos, microblading, powder brow and lipliner/lip contour. Usually a minimum of 3 session is need for removal (3rd session is free!). It can also be used for corrective work. Saline removal is an amazing solution for any corrective work or complete removal. Maybe you've just changed your mind on the shape you have and you need a change. Set up a free consultation to see if this might be right for you!



Lip Blush

Full and beautifully tinted lips

Lip Blush is the best way to have that perfect lip color all the time! It's a semi-permanent lip color that lasts 1 year (annual touch-up recommended). With many different shades to choose from you will have fuller looking lips that never wipe off. Lip blush can correct lip discoloration or the look of dullness.

Lip blush can only be done within the lip border and is never used to overdraw the lips.

See the range of colors available by clicking below!



Powder Brow 


For those wanting to eliminating a daily makeup routine on their brows.

Powder Brow is done with shading alone. It's typically lightest in the front and darkest at the tails to avoid a "boxy" look. The healed results look very subtle and beautiful. Powder Brow will last a little longer than Microblading and MicroShading. It typically lasts about 2-3 years. It also gives more consistent results for those who have very little natural hair or oily skin. Powder brow can also be very effective in covering old eyebrow tattoos (Please call for a consult first if you've had work done already)

Best Candidates:

- All skin types (including oily or severely oily skin)

- Can be done on very thin to very thick eyebrows

- Darker skin types.

- Covering an old tattoo 



Henna Brow

For full brows

Henna Brow is a natural (ammonia free) way to temporarily tint you brow hair, as well as the skin below. This gives the brows a much fuller look. Henna lasts a little longer than your typical tint. It can last up to 6 weeks on the hair and 1-2 weeks on the skin. This is a great option for those who have very light/blonde hair or gray hair. It's also a great option for those who simply want a fuller look and don't want to commit to permanent makeup.

The Henna Brow service also includes a free wax (if needed).