Microblading Healing Process

Whether you've just gotten microblading/microshading or are planning to get it done, understanding the healing process is important for a successful treatment. Below are pictures that have been taken throughout a healthy healing process and are a great reference as to what should be expected.

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Before Treatment
Immediately after 
Days 1-4:
You may be loving them or even feeling like the change is too much and they are darker and more intense that you had expected or wanted. This is a normal feeling and be assured that they lighten about 30% and the results become softer looking.
Day 5-6:
Scabs will begin forming. They will be itchy and dry (apply the healing cream as needed). DO NOT itch them! If you do, you will pull skin off and it will be obvious to your technician in the results because of poor healing and premature shedding. The end result of picking is very patchy brows, so don't pick or itch them! The scabs may look bad but keeping them on as long as you can makes your results look the best.
Days 7-10:
Most of your scabs will be coming off at this point or already come off. Underneath it may look ashy or the pigment may be completely gone, but hang in there! Just because all the scabs are gone DOES  NOT mean they are done healing.


If the lines disappeared, this is when you will start to see them reappear and become more defined and less ashy. Still treat your eyebrows with care and be patient! At this point, it is safe to use a pencil on them if necessary. 

Day 30:

You're all done with the healing and are ready to go in for a touch-up for any areas that the pigment was lost or appears too light (picture shows results before the touch-up).